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hello!! i'm esther.exe (you can call me esther)! i'm a vocalist and vocal editor who has tuned & timed for many Youtaites and VTubers!!i've been singing since middle school and have only been vocal editing for 2-3 years. i have a classical music background with perfect pitch, so please consider my commissions through VGen for guaranteed high quality covers and harmony arrangements :)

COLLABS: vocal and/or paid staff work
TRADES: not likely
Hana Macchia (NIJISANJI)
Caitlyn Myers (mom0ki)
Kawaii Production
Phase Connect
Rae Laveire


this is my income atm so it'll mean a lot if you consider supporting my commissions!!PLEASE READ TOS
due to the twitter DM change, if you can't message me through twitter please contact me through:discord DMs (preferred) - esther.exe
email - [email protected]

TERMS OF SERVICE▸all payments will be in USD and through PayPal invoice▸i will begin working AFTER i receive payment▸i have the right to turn down any commission▸prices are not negotiable▸refunds and chargebacks are not an option▸prompt responses are to be expected of the client▸ if a cover is being monetized (put on Spotify, distribution, etc.) and i was NOT informed by it, you will be fined an extra +50% fee on top of the +100% commercial fee i was supposed to be paid for▸please give credit to me (esther.exe) (all lowercase) and a link to my carrd and/or twitter!

ORDER FORM (please DM me this form via discord or twitter!)

▸type of commission:
▸song name and original link:
▸# of vocalists:
▸# of tracks:
▸link to your vocals w/ onvo and inst:
▸commercial or non-commercial:
▸deadline (if any):
▸paypal email (for invoicing):

Vocal Tuning/Timing Commissions
Please send your raws in mono, 44.1/48kHz 24bit .wav format in a zip file.
Make sure that you have a decent mic with little to no background noise. I try to make natural sounding vocals. Also, please provide an on and off vocal for me to use. Bonus points if you provide the BPM >:3c
Please make sure you have your vocals ready before you commission!!(Note: I do NOT do vocal mixing, only editing. If you want a faster turnaround time along with mixing, I have joint mix commissions open with @zel_ashra! →

TypeBase Fee# of tracksTurnaround Time
Solo$406 tracks~2 weeks
Duet$4512 tracks~2 weeks
Trio$5018 tracks~3 weeks
Chorus (4+)$15 per vocalist6 tracks per vocalist~4 weeks
Add Ons and Discounts 
Additional Tracks Beyond Base Amount$3 per track
Songs Beyond 4 Minutes$3 per minute
Artificial Harmonies$5 per track
Tune OR Time-$10
TV Size (~1:30)-30%
Rush Fee (~1 week)+50%
Commercial Use+100%

I will either sing (heavily tuned and roughly timed), or use SynthV for Vocaloid guides (since I don't have as much time to record anymore). Please tell me if you don't mind either one.
I can sing in English, Japanese, and Korean. Any other language I'll just hum them!Prices will vary depending on extra layer length. These mostly account for main harmonies.TV Size (under 2 minutes)
$10 for each layer
Full Size (over 2 minutes)
$12 for each layer
▸i can come up with harmonies!! it'll be the same pricing but making up harmonies IN ADDITION to the original harms will be $8 per layer ($5 for tv size)
▸adlibs will be extra and pricing will vary depending on complexity


full playlist

*tracks 1, 3-4, 6-8, 11 (tuning only)

tuning only

tuning only

tuning only



"esther is an amazing tuner, very detail oriented, professional, and timely. i highly recommend her for any project of any genre!"
- rachie

"I love esther, i like singing alot and its been very hard to find someone who could tune and time my voice since its not such a common voice to hear when you sing japanese songs, ive been working with esther for several songs and she has been so sweet with updates and her works are definitely worth it…! Please consider esther’s services..!"
- Rae Laveire

"Esther does some of the cleanest time/tune work I've ever heard, hands-down. She's a speedy worker, good communicator, and flexible to feedback as well. It's always a pleasure to work with her!"- Ying

"Esther never fails to deliver quality guides. Awesome arrangements (both original and re-created) sung beautifully, a perfect guide for vocalists to follow. I'm a regular client at this point, ever since the first commission I haven't looked back. A++ 10/10 would (and will) commission again!"
- Tom Sky Hendricks

"esther is super awesome! Her services are top-tier and she works very fast! She's my go to tuner/timer and I love working with her."
- chace

"Esther is an absolute sweetheart and great to work with, she is always working to a timely manner and communicates well, and helps the best she can! You know you will always get a clean tunetime so I never worry about quality with her work, and her harm guides are so easy to follow and the joy of singing along to her pretty vocals"
- Nia Moni